Nothing shouts “spring break is approaching!” like a college or university cafeteria full of empty plastic or foam smoothie and juice cups. It’s true: break is almost here and the quarter is quickly coming to an end. But don’t panic!

In honor of dead week (and study breaks); it’s time to decide: are you #teamjuice or #teamsmoothie?

Jamba Juice put out a BOGO coupon offer today in honor of St. Patrick’s day this week:

jamba juiceCoupon Available Here: BOGO Jamba Juice 

Jamba Juice is one of my favorite places to head to for a smoothie during warm days, study breaks, and after great mid-day workouts.

I am a dedicated #TEAMSMOOTHIE member! Here’s why:

  • Smoothies can include ANYTHING and everything: greens, fruits, chia seeds, protein powder, greek yogurt, ice, and more. Since you can combine all these nutrients in one drink, it makes for a quick and easy meal solution!
  • You don’t lose the fiber in smoothies like you do in juices. Juicing gives you the sugar of fruits in liquid form without including the dietary fiber, which benefits your digestive health and immune system.
  • They keep you fuller longer!

My favorite smoothies from Jamba Juice include: Kale-Ribbean Breeze, a combination of kale, mango, passion fruit-mango juice, chia seeds, and greek yogurt as part of their Whole Food Nutrition smoothies and Aloha Pineapple (go light for less calories or regular for the original recipe), a Jamba original. I always request to add in soy protein, but you can choose from a variety of boosts they offer including kale, whey protein, and daily vitamins.

Want to get crafty and make your own? Here is a make it yourself Kale-ribbean Breeze recipe from!

Head out into the sun this weekend and try out a BOGO smoothie or juice with a study buddy!

*I am not sponsored by Jamba Juice in any way, I genuinely just love and recommend their drinks!*

Let me know if you are #teamjuice or #teamsmoothie in the comments and link any at home recipes!

2 thoughts on “Are you #TEAMJUICE or #TEAMSMOOTHIE?

  1. diana san juan says:

    Thanks for the coupon! that’s super cool 🙂 btw, I tried juicing, not for me haha definitively #teamsmoothie over here! 😉


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