Healthy Snack and Pit Stop Ideas for Spring Break

Spring break travels are upon us and summer road trips will be here in just a few weeks (hang in there!). Staying on track while traveling is a challenge for many, and while it is OK to indulge on vacation; remember that fitness goals don’t recognize vacations.

“Well, I’m only in Cancun once and it’s spring break! A few margaritas won’t hurt.” “These donuts are supposed to be the BEST in the state…lets just sneak in a few and I’ll totally go run it off when I get back.” “Fast food is the ONLY option at rest stops on these road trips. Alright, a large fries and a double cheeseburger will do.”

Sound familiar? While on the go in between classes, home and school, and various trips; I’ve compiled my favorite snacks and “fast” food eats.

Here are a few of my healthy meal and snack recommendations for road trips, train rides, and airport adventures:

Road Trip Pit Stops

Pre-Trip Grocery Stop:

Snacks: Fruits (fresh or dried)–bananas, dried mangoes, and apples are ideal for travel, energy and protein bars, wheat or multigrain crackers, turkey or ham slices, almonds (I like to make my own trail mix with golden raisins and chocolate chips), carrots and celery, beef or turkey jerky, low-salted pretzels or popcorn.

Drinks: WATER! Bring your own refillable bottle to save the planet and your wallet. Refill once you get past security in the airport. Green iced teas for an energy kick, but watch out for ones with tons of sugar. Sports drinks to replace electrolytes and sugar if you need a boost.

Whether you’re in America or elsewhere; these food chains may pop up on your trip:


My healthy go-to’s are:

  1. Spinach Egg White and Feta Wrap:

Image from

Make your own with this PopSugar recipe!

2) Everything or Multi-grain bagels (with or without cream cheese)

3) Turkey Bacon and Egg White Breakfast Sandwich

In N Out (if traveling in California!):

  1. Protein Style Burger–save the carbs for tacos or pizza in a YOLO meal later.
  2. Fries (not animal style). Okay, this isn’t really the greatest for you BUT they do use fresh potatoes and I honestly can’t resist french fries.


  1. Egg White Delight McMuffin (skip the hash brown meal deal)
  2. Fruit n’ Yogurt Parfait
  3. Sausage Breakfast Burrito
  4. Honey Mustard Grilled Snack Wrap (avoid the ranch or crispy fried chicken)
  5. Peeled apples and side salads

Taco Bell:

  1. Fresca Soft or Crunchy Tacos-perfect for getting in protein, carbs, and veggies.
  2. Cantina bowls-like a salad with protein. Opt for chicken if you’re watching calorie intake.

Jamba Juice

  1. Green smoothies or juice. Face it; it’s going to be rough getting in your greens on vacation. Choose a quick spinach or kale smoothie at Jamba Juice or any other chain smoothie restaurant for an easy way to get in the fiber and vitamins you need.
  2. Energy bowls with fruit, greek yogurt, and granola.
  3. Oatmeal with fruit or breakfast wraps.


Let me know what your to-go healthy pit stop foods are, and where you’re going or went for spring break! Also let me know if you’re into healthy food blogs because I can always put together more!

xo Kayla J


Nothing shouts “spring break is approaching!” like a college or university cafeteria full of empty plastic or foam smoothie and juice cups. It’s true: break is almost here and the quarter is quickly coming to an end. But don’t panic!

In honor of dead week (and study breaks); it’s time to decide: are you #teamjuice or #teamsmoothie?

Jamba Juice put out a BOGO coupon offer today in honor of St. Patrick’s day this week:

jamba juiceCoupon Available Here: BOGO Jamba Juice 

Jamba Juice is one of my favorite places to head to for a smoothie during warm days, study breaks, and after great mid-day workouts.

I am a dedicated #TEAMSMOOTHIE member! Here’s why:

  • Smoothies can include ANYTHING and everything: greens, fruits, chia seeds, protein powder, greek yogurt, ice, and more. Since you can combine all these nutrients in one drink, it makes for a quick and easy meal solution!
  • You don’t lose the fiber in smoothies like you do in juices. Juicing gives you the sugar of fruits in liquid form without including the dietary fiber, which benefits your digestive health and immune system.
  • They keep you fuller longer!

My favorite smoothies from Jamba Juice include: Kale-Ribbean Breeze, a combination of kale, mango, passion fruit-mango juice, chia seeds, and greek yogurt as part of their Whole Food Nutrition smoothies and Aloha Pineapple (go light for less calories or regular for the original recipe), a Jamba original. I always request to add in soy protein, but you can choose from a variety of boosts they offer including kale, whey protein, and daily vitamins.

Want to get crafty and make your own? Here is a make it yourself Kale-ribbean Breeze recipe from!

Head out into the sun this weekend and try out a BOGO smoothie or juice with a study buddy!

*I am not sponsored by Jamba Juice in any way, I genuinely just love and recommend their drinks!*

Let me know if you are #teamjuice or #teamsmoothie in the comments and link any at home recipes!

Featuring: My Favorite February Fitness Finds!

This month was full of fun fitness finds! Here are my favorites of the month:

1. Acai Bowls 

Photo from The Huffington Post

Acai bowls consist of acai, granola, berries, almond milk, and additional fruits and toppings for the perfect pow wow morning meal or on-the-go boost! I tried my first acai bowl in San Luis Obispo this month at Sally Loo’s cafe on a weekend trip and fell in love! They are super filling, refreshing, and the perfect treat to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Acai and other power-fruit and granola based bowl shops are popping up left and right! The nearest location in San Jose is Power Bowl, but you can get them elsewhere at Jamba Juice: now serving them throughout the day!

2. U-JAM Fitness

If you like Zumba and dancing at clubs and concerts; U-JAM may be the perfect workout for you. It is a new Bay Area-based dance exercise class made to get you moving to current hits!

I went to a class last night and it was full of booty shaking, squats, and hip hop fun. My instructor, Marylou, played Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, and Beyonce to highlight the “Let the Music Move You” company slogan.

She also invited people to join her onstage to make the class fun and engaging!

Workouts don’t always have to be miles and miles of repetitive running. Find what you love and working out won’t be a chore! If you love dancing to popular hits, try out a U-Jam class.

Find your closest U-Jam class here: Classes

Money-Saving college tip: Dance Boulevard in San Jose has free trial classes and they are offered at various 24 hour fitness locations with membership!

3. Wild by Cheryl Strayed (and the PCT Trail)


Okay, this isn’t exactly a fitness find, but it’s an inspiring story about a woman who hiked the Pacific Coast Trail on her own! I finished the novel this month and it made me want to venture on my own spiritual hike. Wild was recently adapted into a film with Reese Witherspoon as Cheryl, the book’s fearless female hiker and author of the novel.

Pick up a copy for a guide on hiking, information about the PCT Trail, and a little indulgence of self love and inspiration.

4. Nike FREE 5.0 Running Shoes & Victoria’s Secret Ultimate Yoga Leggings


After using the same Nike’s for a year, I decided to ask for a new pair for Christmas this year and received these  Nike Free 5.0’s (pictured left). I’ve been using them for a month now and can vouch for their quality. They are comfortable, durable, and get me through all my runs and circuit training routines. Would recommend if you’re looking for new workout kicks to invest in! Price: $90-110 on the Nike Website, available in a variety colors and styles.


Am I the only one who has trouble finding workout pants that stay put while I’m running? It is a tough find, and the closest I’ve found so far are Victoria Secret’s Ultimate Yoga Leggings. They stay put, are fashion forward, and don’t stretch out in the wash. While also a steep investment item, I’m going to recommend them if you’re looking for even just one great pair of pants to perform cardio in! Price: $55-60 a pair (Tip: look out for coupons before purchasing!)

What are your favorite workout pants? Tell me in the comments!

5. Spotify’s FUN CARDIO Station

It’s always a goal of mine to find new music to work out to every month. It keeps workouts fresh and encourages the “just one more song!” feel during lifting and cardio sessions.

Spotify, the popular music streaming service, is always updating its “Workout” playlists. My favorite this month: “Fun Cardio.” It contains all the Top 40 hits that have a high BPM to run, dance, or step to!

Songs include: Heartbeat Song by Kelly Clarkson, Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars, 7/11 by Beyonce, and Masterpiece by Jessie J.

Check out my Twitter at @misskaylajj for a collection of my favorite finds and topics of the month!