Eat Clean, Save Green

The fall semester is back in full swing, and the “Freshmen 15” might be worrying you (Even if you’re not a freshmen…It’s OK.) With money spent on books, tests and school supplies, it can be difficult to budget funds for healthy food. Here are a few tips to eating clean while also saving money for the important things

1. Grocery shop smart. Go in with a list and a budget.You probably already know that heading straight to the chips and sweets aisle when you’re starving isn’t the best way to shop.  Start in the produce area and stock up on fruits and vegetables for the week. You’ll be obligated to eat them ASAP so they don’t go bad. Stock up on healthy snacks, like nuts, cereal bars and yogurt cups.

2. Make your meals as colorful as possible. If your plates are looking a dull cream or brown, think of new ways to add color with fruits and vegetables.

3. Smoothie, juice and bake. Utilize extra produce that may be over-ripening. Include protein powder in your smoothies if running low on meat, beans or nut proteins to balance our your diet. I love making smoothies in the morning because they are quick and I don’t have to spend much time thinking about how to incorporate all my vitamins for the day.

4. Prepare snacks for on-the-go and think ahead for dinner.


Wednesday snack prep for classes Photo by Kayla Jimenez

If you’re going to work out during the day, prepare carbs for before and a protein snack for after. If you’re planning to study in the library all day, bring natural sugary snacks like apples or grapes. Plan accordingly to avoid spending extra dollars.

5. Eat what you love in smaller portions and modify. Treat yourself once in a while, but eat smaller amounts than what you normally would. Save leftovers for your study break or dinner the next day when you’re too tired to cook after class.

6. Stay away from alcohol, sugar and extra carbs. These three are definitely the worst easy temptations to come by in college. With all the Thursday night parties, student organization pizza parties and ice cream socials, you DO have to pick and choose which ones are most worth it.

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