Reviving Routines for Spring

YIKES. It’s almost Summer and every post I’ve tried to conjure up in the past two months has turned into an endless list of paragraph entries in my drafts.

Writing has been HARD. I scrolled upon this tweet when I woke up today: “Look, writers; NONE of writers you most love feel great confidence or frequent inspiration. They just get their work done. They write badly,”@annelamot, and decided to skip my morning workout to write.

It’s been a wild few months of emotions and routine breakers. I don’t eat as clean as I used to, and I don’t exercise because I love it, but rather because I get a flood of guilt if I don’t (and I am in the gym almost EVERY day.) I’m not in love with my body and I’ve had to reevaluate why this is.

There ARE going to be bumps in the road that prevent you from exercising, eating healthy, and being the version of you that you love most. I write for this blog because I know how difficult getting into a healthy mindset can be, but it is difficult to preach wellness when you’re not feeling all there yourself.

A few important lessons I’ve learned this semester for reviving positive routines:

  1. Don’t get discouraged if you’re feeling lethargic or not like your usual self. Most importantly, don’t lie in bed at the end of the day regretting a workout that didn’t happen or an unhealthy meal you ate. Instead, pick yourself up  and use it as fuel to push yourself into a strong run, an awesome blog post, or a way to reach out to others.
  2. Stop trying to be perfect for people who aren’t helping you get where you want to be.
  3. Just because you were 100% at something you used to do before doesn’t mean it’s not okay to be 90-95% at it now. Appreciate starting anew and taking things slow.
  4. Note how you feel at different times of the day, and pay attention to what makes your soul happiest. Remove the things that don’t.
  5. On a fitness note: what you put into your body is more like 95% what matters in regard to health goals. Whether it’s excess alcohol, sugar, or fat–you can workout for 3+ hours a day/7 days a week and not get the results you want.
  6. Grab a workout partner and keep each other accountable. Working out is hardest when you’re trying to motivate yourself into something you just don’t want to do. If a workout partner isn’t available, take group fitness classes to find other motivated people!
  7. Literally SPRING CLEAN. Clean out anyone who makes you feel less like the best version of yourself, clean out any household items that are unnecessary or don’t reflect who you are now, and clean out any junk food in your cupboards and cabinets.
  8. Listen to the advice you give to others. Be a mirror of this advice.

xo Kayla J



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