Following your Arrow in 2016

What do you define as your arrow?

It may be your heart or your vulnerability or your gut. It may be your brain or your mind or your ambitions. Whatever it may be, vow to follow it in 2016. While the new year is not the only time for a fresh start, it does provide a collective chance to start and share resolutions.

Fitness goals are the go-to resolution for the new year. Gyms start to fill up, personal trainers start to book more clients, and diet regimes because the top clicks on the web. Maybe you even came across this blog while looking for healthy waffle recipes or inspiration to get motivated in the new year.

I wish you the best on your fitness endeavors in the new year, but note that fitness routines and healthy recipes can only go so far. Believing in yourself and finding the best version of you FOR YOU is your home base. It’s one thing to be the best you for everyone else: your parents, your significant other, your best friend, your crush; being the best you for you is another feat to reach. Ask yourself: do I love the me I am right now at this moment? Am I comfortable with who I am and what  I’m accomplishing? Do I feel full of life or am I just letting time pass?

This new years I am vowing to stop asking others for their opinions, and rather to follow my arrow, to me meaning my heart and gut, in making the decisions that are best for me.

It’s a blessing to have friends and family who are there to support you and give you advice, but no one knows you like you do. Only you can make the best decision for yourself. Don’t ask a soul what your arrow means to you.

Decide. Follow it. Follow it whole.


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