The LEA(V)ES are a-Changing

Change is inevitable. The right vibes and souls enter your life through constant changing motion. To thrive and grow, it is essential for humans to change. Especially the college-type humans. We’re a bunch of commitment-phobic, indecisive millennials anyhow, right? We hear it all the time.


I woke up out of bed this morning with a spontaneous thought: I desperately need to get back into fitness blogging. Did I know what I was going to blog about after being gone for two months? I didn’t. Maybe about my grocery list? My new job at the gym? How hard I’ve been on myself for slacking on the blogosphere?

I went to my Total Body Fitness class at 1pm today, Thursday. The same class I go to with the same instructor and the same familiar faces every week. I walk into class and set up my step aerobics and dumbbells as usual when my fitness instructor, Olga, announced that she isn’t returning after class today. And my heart SANK. It wasn’t a dramatic excuse for leaving, but simply because the commute is too long. I relied on this woman (who kicked my butt harder than any group fitness instructor) to get me into shape and be there for me at 1pm every Thursday. And this happens every semester. New group fitness classes and new schedules means changes happen all the time. I’m used to it and yet it will never stop bumming me out.

I’m a pace changer, wild bird, adventure seeker and yet the slightest bit of change can break my spirits in a split second. A little contradictory, no? It made me reflect on how much change I’ve experienced in such a short time in this semester in college. How different of a human I am in what feels like a matter of split seconds.

I started this blog about a year ago as a way to inspire and share my tips and tricks from my experience losing weight in college with other looking to do the same. Losing 30 pounds? Easy. Losing 50 pounds? Easier. Losing 86? Not a problem. I did it; I get it. Weight loss is a formula. There are 1 million and one personal trainers and fitness professionals that will tell you the same path to get to the weight you want to be.

But no one is going to tell you what to do about the feeling you get when your group fitness instructor leaves. Or when you were looking forward to a liberating morning run until it started to rain. Or when your favorite machine is out of order. It might seem silly, but each of these things require CHANGE. A new fitness class, a new workout routine for the day, or a new machine is going to throw you off for the worse or the better.

A lot of uncomfortable change happens in college. The same people that once would drop everything for an ice cream date or late night rendezvous with you might not even exist on your contact list anymore. The same major that once pushed you off the edge of your seat might seem like a chore. The usual down-to-earth you may not be so thrilled with staying in and being a homebody on weekday nights. Or the party animal in you that once existed in high school wouldn’t mind drinking chai tea on the couch with a mystery novel. It’s O.K. It’s normal. We’re all a little crazy, but we’re all a little normal, too.

Adapt to change. Be adaptable, but remain the best version of you for yourself. Love the you that are you are NOW. Quit what doesn’t feel right. Branch out to meeting people that feed your soul in new ways. Try something, or someone, new. Find the human in you that can adapt to change. Accept yourself (changes and all) and the world around you will accept you, too

The leaves are changing. I am changing. Fitness4U is changing, too. I’m excited to show all of you. Stay on the moving ride with me.

XO Kayla J.


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