Group Fitness Classes to Try: PiYo and Barre Blast

Combining what you already love with a contemporary twist is the best way to spice up your summer workout and transition into a new one for fall.  I’m always looking for ways to mix it up to avoid plateauing, and mix up my cardio and strength training routines. Sometimes it’s just easier to head into the gym without having to think about the sets and reps you have to do. Just follow along with the group instructor and the rest of the class and your workout will go by in a breeze!

Challenge of the month: Be spontaneous and check out your college’s recreation center or gym and take a new, unfamiliar class!

As an avid Pilates enthusiast, I found two classes to mix up my traditional workout that I want YOU to try:


PiYo is a fusion of Pilates and Yoga involving stretching, core work, and meditation practices. If you love Yoga and have never tried Pilates or vice versa, this is the perfect happy medium and introduction to the new practice. PiYo uses faster paced cardio and core based movements from Pilates and more traditional yoga poses such as the downward dog and warrior pose for a representative mixture.

TRY IT TO:  *Mix up your traditional yoga or Pilates workout, learn a new technique in a group fitness atmosphere, develop strength, agility, and breathing methods encompassing your own body weight

Barre Blast 

Whether you were born with two left feet and wish your parents threw you into dance at the age of 4 or have hips like Shakira, Barre is the perfect combination of ballet and strength training. Incorporating many core exercises from Pilates, Barre is a standing workout mimicking the graceful vibes of ballet. Looking for Plie squats, booty lifts, and lunges? Barre will tighten and strengthen while increasing endurance through cardio based strength training. I always come out of this class sweating like I just got out of the oven!

TRY IT TO: *Incorporate cardio into a traditional Pilates workout, develop balance and strength, tighten up your thighs and butt for your Halloween costume

Tell me about your experiences with group fitness classes: love the motivation and vibes or prefer to work out on your own?


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