Ever scroll through endless posts on your Instagram or Facebook feed about committing to fitness for the summer? They go something like: #summerbodygoals #fitnessgoals or the glorious #mondaymotivation goals. Or constant reminders of what you swear you already know: “drink more water, wear sunscreen, eat more greens” yadayada? 

At an interview at Lululemon a few months back I was asked: What is one goal that you failed to meet and what did you learn from it? The popular fitness clothing company holds a primary focus on goal setting within its brand and employees.

Various answers in the group interview included not reaching a certain goal weight, getting all A’s on a report card, and failing to spend enough time with family.

My failed goal: not putting enough effort into preparing for my Pilates certification. It’s a goal that I aspired to reach before creating Fitness4U because I wanted a way to share my passion for fitness with others.

The question ultimately made think in different terms: Is a failed goal really a failure if you learn from it? And more importantly: what did I learn from not making it?

It’s okay to not meet a goal as long as you take something away from it from it. Time is never wasted if you are learning. 

I decided to take my “I don’t have enough time for it” excuses and combine my passion for fitness AND writing to share a few tips and tricks from my experience on this blog while I work toward my certification in the meantime.

Some goals are not meant to be met in a few weeks or a few months. Life can get messy, but setting up a list of deadlines and using visuals to see your goals can help.

Here’s a little fitness goal setting 101 for the remainder of the summer:

1. Have a number to work up or down to. This can be ANYTHING from cups of water, minutes per mile, squat repetitions, or as a simple as a goal weight to work toward. Having a certain number in mind will remind you to keep working toward achieving a certain goal.

2. Create a vision board, either virtual or real. Pinterest anyone? Spend a little time putting together workouts or recipes that inspire you to stick with a fitness plan, or certain goal you want to reach. Look at it daily to remind yourself just where you are meant to be.

3. Tell your best friend and a group of peers. The best friend that will drop anything to help you get to where you are reaching for. That will jump out of bed and go for a run with you when necessary or skip the ice cream for fro-yo instead when you say you’re on a little bit of a cleanse (guilty!) Now for the group of peers: make it people who will keep you accountable, and maybe even some who don’t exactly believe in you just so the outcome is 10x better when you make it happen.

4. Don’t take summer vacations on your health. It’s the season of traveling and summer fun, but it is easy to incorporate fitness and clean eating in a vacation to Hawaii or Southern California this month. Stick with whole grains, greens, and lean protein even when eating out. Choose healthier options that won’t leave you bloated for the rest of vacation. Walk or run around town to explore the new city you’re in.

5. Learn to appreciate spending time on you. Stretching, yoga, and running are all good forms of stress relief that allow you to focus on you in the moment. It can be difficult to reach a goal with everyone else in mind. Anyone who is successful has taken some time to focus on themselves. Use this time to your advantage.


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