Sneaking FIT in

Ever feel like you are drowning in life and starting to feel the bloat or guilt from not focusing on clean eating and workouts? With work, school, and writing there isn’t a lot of time  for anything extra, but staying healthy is still a top priority. Fitness and eating clean keeps us going and able to do all the amazing things we are trying to achieve.

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Here are a few essentials to easing back into health without much time commitment:

1. Drink Water! You hear it a million times, but water is the key source to cleansing out bad toxins in the body. Replenish with a tall glass of water in the morning,  in between workouts, and at night to get in enough to refuel your system. It clears skin, helps with mind focus, and gets rids of the bad stuff consumed in your YOLO treats from the day even quicker.

Quick Tip: Drink half your weight in ounces for optimum daily performance! Add in fresh fruits for a sweet kick.

2. Keep healthy snacks with you throughout the day so you’re not tempted to binge at dinnertime. And save money! Some of my favorites:

  • Protein and Fiber Bars
  • Dark Chocolate 72%+
  • Apple, Bananas, and Oranges
  • Peanuts, Almonds, and Cashews
  • Greek Yogurt (tons of protein!!)
  • Crunchy Pretzels or Pita Chips

3. Cut back on simple carbs: white breads and rice make you bloat and are the quickest foods along with sugar to store automatically in your lower belly.

4. Sleep!  Sleep is so essential to maintaining balance in your life. Make sure you get in a recommended 6-8 hours a day and don’t be afraid to take short 30 minute naps to get an extra energy boost. Sleep is important for refueling

5. Use the time you DO have to work out to your full potential. So you only have 20-30 minutes? Push hard and do circuit training. Run a few miles to improve your time. Dance a little! You don’t have to have a lot of time, but use the time you do have to get in that extra calorie burn.

6. Don’t overwork yourself. Stress is one of the sole causes of weight gain. It releases cortisol, a stress hormone that messes with your whole system. Get in adequate sleep, take a few deep breaths, and remember: it’s all going to be OK. You WILL get through it.

ALSO: I know I’ve overloaded the blog with smoothie recipes but I made the BEST mix a few weekends back that I have to share:

3/4 individual container of Blueberry Yoplait Light Yogurt, 4-5 cubes (approximately) of fresh cut pineapple, 1/2 cup almond milk, 1/2 cup water, 5-6 frozen or fresh strawberries, 3 ice cubes, 1 tablespoon chia seeds

This turns into a sweet, fruity smoothie perfect for mornings, pre-workouts, and study breaks! Throw in some greens and protein for even more nutrients.


FITNESS4U is coming back with a new look in a few weeks and my recent blog absence is due to trying to get it all up for you and being a little bit of a busy BEE. Thanks for sticking around! Keep reading and let me know what YOU want to know!


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