Blogilates “Hot Body Year Round” Meet Up and Banking on Yourself

Think about the last time you truly indulged in yourself, took the time to reassess where you stand with your goals, or made it a point to release the distractions in your life to focus on you. It may be today, a few months ago, or a time that you can’t quite pinpoint. What ever your answer: it might be a great time to consider banking on yourself.

At the Music Television (MTV) Movie Awards show last Sunday, Jennifer Lopez said something after receiving an award for her recent film that refuses to leave my head: “Banking on yourself can be scary, but it’s rewarding. So bank on yourself.”

A lot of really great things have come out of times when I decided to focus on myself, including my health and fitness journey. One of the most prominent: discovering Cassey Ho’s Youtube Channel, Blogilates, after high school when I committed to finding a healthier and more confident version of myself.

I found Blogilates after deciding I was going to get in shape before entering college and try out Pilates since I was in a funk with finding what work out really worked for me. One day in the summer of 2013 I came across this video:

and the Beginner’s Workout Calendar (currently updated!) that accompanies it and decided to stick to it. In the past two years I have been with the channel and workout program following each month’s fitness focuses while incorporating my passion for Pilates.

Since 2013, Ho has created numerous workout plans, increased her subscriber number by hundreds of thousands, released a phone application, and just recently wrote a book, Hot Body Year Round.


I attended her San Jose book signing tour stop and had the chance to work out in her VIP (Very Important POPsters) class beforehand. Her live classes are intense, but extremely motivating when everyone is working hard to a series of Top Hits designed to each workout.

Around 100 POPsters (a term designated to her Youtube, blog, and social media followers) lined up for her class and recieved coupons to her clothing line, tattoos with inspirational quotes like “Train like a beast. Look like a beauty,” and Quest nutrition samples. The class consisted of the moves in her POP Pilates Youtube Video series: including ab, oblique, butt, and thigh sculpting moves.


After the class, all class and meet and greet attendees had the chance to meet and take photographs with Cassey. I told her about my weight loss journey and she commended me for it. She is very sweet, personable, and totally FIT in person just as she is in her online persona!











It was wild to meet her because she is the one who truly inspired 
my passion for fitness: something I found while taking the time to bank on myself. Her workouts are combined with powerful messages about body image and an uplifting focus that makes me want to work out.

I want you to try something this weekend, this week, or within the next month that is JUST FOR YOU. Do some spring cleaning and make space for a new passion or hobby by removing anything from your life bringing you down. Try out Pilates if you haven’t before and check out Blogilates Youtube Channel and blog. Try making a new friend, joining a club, or looking for a new job that involves something you love.


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