How-to Make a Bunny-ficially Healthy Easter Egg Basket!

Easter is hopping around the corner and it’s time to get a little creative with festive gift baskets if it just hit you that, well: tomorrow is Easter!

While walking through Target yesterday to think of some gift basket ideas for the little ones in my family; I rummaged through the holiday section filled with glistening candy wrappers and egg dye kits when it hit me to create this guide to healthier basket alternatives.

There will be plenty of candy and sweets at the BBQ, Picnic, or family gathering you attend so here are a few ideas to guarantee the spot for most creative this holiday!

Gift Basket Items to Include:

1. Lush Cosmetics Easter Themed Bath Products 

Kids (and grown-ups) love baths and smelling amazing! Lush has all natural products made specifically for the Easter holiday for bath and shower time. Get all the sweet smells without the added sugar at your local Lush tomorrow morning.

LUSH Bunch of Carrots Bubble Bar

2. Fruits and Vegetables 

Ah, nature’s natural sugar colored for a vibrant basket at your convenience! Include carrots (naturally for the festive rabbits), bananas, cucumbers, apples, and oranges for a variety of nutrition and natural color!

3. Frozen Yogurt Gift Cards/Certificates

Give a cool, refreshing treat to all your favorites this Easter. Perfect for all ages, especially with summer quickly approaching. Yogurtland and Pinkberry are always a favorite!

4. Nail Polish in Fun Spring Colors

Looking down at bright nails always brightens up my day. Nail polish is fun, different, and will add to the colorful aesthetic of any Easter basket.

5. Candy Alternatives: Granola Bars, 72%+ Dark Chocolate bars, and Simply Balanced Fruit Strips 

While all sweet in nature they are made out of natural ingredients such as cocoa, fruit extract, coconut, and granola! These healthier alternatives will balance out all the candy from the festivities.

Are you going traditional with candy baskets this year or for a healthier, more creative approach? Let me know what you’re putting in your baskets this year in the comments!


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