Featuring: Favorite March Mania Fitness Finds!

1. Nektar Juice Bar

March was inevitably the month for smoothies on the blog. Rising temperatures and the change of seasons has me researching all kinds of smoothie bars and recipes to make at home. Nothing screams fresh and satisfying like a smoothie after a great morning or afternoon workout.


I discovered Nektar in Sunnyvale, CA this weekend and was intrigued by their menu full of natural ingredients and relatively reasonable prices.

Nektar has an assortment of organic fresh juices, smoothies, and acai bowls (featured in February’s favorites)!

I personally recommend the Popeye’s Acai smoothie (pictured above) made with spinach, bananas, and acai if you love all things banana like me!

2. Races and Running

In effort to train for She is Beautiful’s 5k this month I re-discovered my passion for running races. The competition and excitement from the thousands of other runners beside you creates just the right motivating environment for anyone looking for a good refuel.

Running is one of my favorites of the month because all you really need is a good pair of running shoes and the motivation to get up and go. From there you can take the world by storm running through towns and destinations you’ve never really seen on foot before.

It’s completely free and with the stress of finals, work, and staying on track with fitness; it can be refreshing to go on a run with the wind blowing in your face to act as a distraction.

Now with daylight savings time upon us there is even more time in the day to go for a run while the sun is out. I typically run around my neighborhood, through local outside shops, or on my local high school track. Just make sure to pick a place that won’t affect any spring allergies you may have and get running!

3. Circuit Training with Equipment

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is one of the latest workout crazes of 2015. By performing multiple sets of the same repetitions per workout, anyone willing to put in the work can achieve major fat and calorie burn in a short amount of time.

My favorite HIITs are from Blogilates. She has an assortment of printable lists to take to the gym and videos to follow at home or in your dorm:

Already performing circuits but want to challenge yourself? Add in weights, a BOSU or stability ball, or resistance bands.

4. Special K Chocolate Almond Cereal

Photograph by dishblogger.com

A must try for all chocolate lovers out there! Remember indulging in cocoa pebbles as a kid? This is the grown-up (or whatever the 20’s are) alternative to a childhood favorite.

Special K offers a variety of different options, but their latest chocolate-y additions including Chocolate Almond and Chocolatey Delight include their original cereal flakes with almonds and mini dark chocolate squares.

The mini chocolate squares substitute for any late night sugar craving that might make you reach for a cookie or chocolate cake.

Try it out with Unsweetened Almond Breeze for a sweet breakfast or late night snack!

5. Girls on HBO (okay, so it’s not really a fitness favorite.)

Somehow I just stumbled upon Girls one day this month and just can’t get enough. While it’s not a fitness favorite, it is U(niversity) related! The show centers around the lives of four friends who are trying to figure it out in their mid-twenties in New York City. In college, just out of college, and free-spiritedly out in the real world; all four girls are just trying to figure out life in their 20’s.

Comparable to a modern day version of Sex and the City, Girls addresses relationships, finances, and stress that most of us are constantly thinking about everyday.

It helps me put my small issues in perspective, and realize that we’re all just trying to figure it out together. It’s definitely one to binge on this weekend if you are on spring break!


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