“You were born to be this girl. Make her proud.”

She.is.beautiful’s 5th annual “The Pinkest 5k and 10k” race was held last Sunday morning in Santa Cruz, California with a record breaking 3000 participants. The race, complete with women dressed in pink workout gear and tutus, motivational signs with catchphrases “Like a Girl” and “You were born to be this girl,” and captivating beach front views rallied to encourage female empowerment.

She is Beautiful promotes health and wellness through running and womanhood. One of the brand’s many quirky slogans, “Some girls run to stay in shape. Some girls run so they can indulge on so called sins of bread, chocolate and wine. Some use it to unleash their daily fears in private, so they can feel strong again. At the end of the day, we all run for a reason. What’s yours?” is used to inspire women to find strength and a purpose behind the health benefits of running.

The 10k and 5k races began with a motivating speech and stretching routine from Jenny Schaltze, motivator, speaker, and owner of the Jenny Shaltze Program, and concluded with an assortment of sponsor booths, a yoga retreat station, photo areas, and a T-Shirt pick up station for finishers .A number of teams, including “Team Glitter” participated in the race to raise funds for “Unravel,” an organization motivated to find cures for pediatric cancer.

I participated in the 5k race with my mom for the second time on Sunday. As a fitness blogger and current journalism student, I love attending events that are centered on health and fitness. I am an avid runner and lover of Pilates, weight training, and high intensity interval training. It was refreshing to be surrounded by women who are also passionate about fitness and female empowerment.

I went in with a goal to beat my time from last year: 38 minutes and 42 seconds. To my surprise, I kicked this time out of the park and finished the 3.2 miles in 31 minutes and 51 seconds. I owe a lot of this to training and staying consistent with my weekly runs throughout the year!

She is Beautiful results

Running is a huge stress reliever and releases endorphins between studying and daily stress. According to Active.com, running helps you “lose weight, improve your health, prevent disease, boost your confidence, relieve stress, and eliminate depression.” With all of its added benefits, it’s the perfect exercise for anyone looking for a new cardio routine to add to their weekly workout schedule. Along with the health benefits, it’s a fun way to get involved in social events like runs and races similar to She.is.beautiful’s.

Popular races in the Bay Area include the 408k held in San Jose, and the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco. The adrenaline rush from all participants running, fun cardio music, and the burst of competition is exciting and motivating.

It’s important to find what motivates you to want to work out so that it does not feel like working. Whether it’s the competition with others or yourself, a particular exercise that you are good at, or the energy you feel after sweating it out; find what works for you.

One sign near the end of the race read, “You were born to be this girl. Make her proud,” and at that moment it hit me that sometimes we spend so much time trying to make others proud that we often forget to do so for ourselves. It motivated me to keep on running and will stick with me as I remember to chase after what I really want.


A lot of people fall off the workout wagon because they are not passionate about it and dread the thought of exercise. Try out new workouts to find what you are into and you will stick to it. Some of the latest workout crazes include: high intensity interval training, Barre, rock climbing, and PlyYo. Stay fit and happy by engaging in what you love!


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