Quick Pick-Me-Up Smoothie Recipe!

Here is another quick smoothie recipe that I mentioned I would include on the blog through my Snapchat feed. You should definitely go make it. Right. Now.


It’s the perfect fruity and sugary concoction to give you that extra boost to study for finals!

What to throw in:

1/2 Orange, 1/2 Large Banana, 5 Strawberries (halved), 1/2 container Yoplait Light yogurt* (strawberry or blueberry), 1 cup Unsweetened Almond Breeze milk, 1 tbsp Chia Seeds, 3-4 Ice cubes


Optional: Spinach, kale, or protein powder to add in extra nutrients!

*Feel free to use greek yogurt for a protein boost!


Blend all ingredients together in your favorite blender (I am a HUGE fan of Magic Bullet) and enjoy!

If you’re still in finals week; just remember: 3. More. Days. Stay tuned for more fitness tips and updates next week!


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