Survival of the Fittest: College Edition

Can’t get to the gym? Run out of fresh ingredients to cook with? It may be time to stock up on tips of the trade, U edition.

You know the routine: getting home from school, work, or the gym after a long day and wanting to eat dinner fast (but healthy)!

I recently tweeted this photo of a pasta dinner I made for two this week after one of those days…

and I received an overwhelming positive response. Well there is a little secret I *need* to share…

082Its pasta base came from this frozen package of Penne Pepperonata from Trader Joe’s. All I did was add in chopped up baked chicken, spinach, and Trader Joe’s tomato basil pasta sauce (a MUST try!). Dinner was served in a total of 25 minutes.

The best part about it: using the leftovers as lunch for the next day! College and university students can easily cook this meal up in a cooking dorm, apartment, or at home.

It’s not always convenient to make a gourmet meal every night for dinner, and going frozen from Trader Joe’s keeps meals at a low cost and quick prep time.

So it’s a bit of a cheat, but this is the survival of the fittest, right? Use a frozen base and add in fresh ingredients for a college friendly meal.

Other Trader Joe’s Dinner Combinations:

BBQ Chicken Teriyaki and Organic Brown Rice and Green Beans

Pesto Pizza and a green spinach salad


Now let’s get to a money saving tips on fitness….

The easiest way: HIKING! I went hiking this morning with a few of my friends from high school up in Morgan Hill, California. It’s a great alternative for days you don’t want to hit the gym, need some fresh air, and want to have a fitness adventure with your loved ones.

It’s warm and sunny here in Northern California, and there is an abundance of hiking trails around the area. My personal favorites include Uvas Canyon County Park and Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve. Both have amazing views, and challenging trails. Perfect for a group of those who tag along for the fitness aspect of the hike and those who are on the lookout for instagram-able selfie locations.


Survival of the fittest includes using nature, and available resources to your advantage. Utilize hiking trails for cardio, bridges and benches for squatting and tricep dips, and rocks for climbing.

Consider hitting the trail this weekend if you are in a location where the winters aren’t snowed over (like California) and hare your favorite hiking locations in the comments!

Keep it fit and fun this weekend!


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