V (you!) Day

Love is in the air as Valentine’s Day approaches, and this year I’m dedicating the 14th to self love! With this in mind, try spending Saturday at brunch with a friend, checking out a new workout class you haven’t tried before (like Barre, Zumba, or hiking up a new trail), or baking up some treats that you can savor all to yourself!


Whether you’re spending the day with a significant other, loved one, or on your own; take some time to bask in the love and do a little something just for you.

Here are some fun ideas to cook up, literally, today for yourself, and that sweet valentine of yours.

Heart Shaped Banana Protein Pancakes

Heart-Shaped Chocolate Chip Banana Pancakes

Start the day off with a protein filled boost to get you through all the lovin’!

Quick Tip: Use whole wheat flour pancake mix (Eating Right Whole Wheat Flour is my favorite), but replace half the amount of suggested flour product for vanilla protein powder! You’ll get more use out of the package with the extra protein count to boost lean muscle mass as soon as you wake.

Top it with banana slices and chocolate chips for that sweet tooth.

The best part: You can make additional pancakes using all the mix and freeze them for Sunday and Monday morning, too!

Drizzlin’ Berries and Bananas


1. Cut strawberries in half, lengthwise and chop up bananas into slices.

2. Melt chocolate (go dark-72%+ for the most health benefits) and drizzle it over the fruits.

3. Add a scoop of cool whip (pictured) or frozen yogurt to get the cream with the berries!

4. Eat away! And don’t be afraid to dig in for seconds, sweetie!

Remember: the V in Vday also stands for V.I.P (YOU!). Always be the V.I.P of your own life, but especially on days dedicated to love! Happy Valentine’s day! #selflove


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