Skip the Squats: SHAKE it up!

I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly.” Beyonce

In honor of Jennifer Lopez, the original Hollywood butt lifting inspiration, and her new film release of The Boy Next Door, it’s time to address the latest booty-lifting workout craze. Beyonce, Nikki Minaj, the Kardashian trio, Nick Jonas, and more of our beloved bootylicious stars are toning up their glutes to keep up with the fitness and (timeless) fashion trend!

My butt is my favorite part of my body to work out because I see results almost immediately! It also helps me balance out my toning sessions with my cardio sessions.

There are so many “squat challenges” out there on social media, but the repetition of this old school move can get old…fast.

If you are not interested in dropping and squatting, you will be glad to know there are many other options. Here are a few that I’ve found most effective:

1. Fire Hydrants

The name is intentional-you’re going to feel the burn in your tush!

As pictured, you’re going to want to get on all fours, preferably onto a yoga mat or soft surface to support your knees. Raise one leg off the ground and create a 90 degree angle outwards on the move so your knee is facing outward. Repeat about 3 sets of 10 reps and you’ll feel that outer glute muscle tighten!

2. Rainbow Leg Lifts

“The higher the rainbow, the higher the butt!” – Cassey Ho

Get on all fours onto a yoga mat. Begin by pointing one leg outward outside of the mat. Lift one leg up into the air making sure to clench the glute muscles. End by swinging the leg around to the other side of the mat (like a rainbow!) and repeat. Aim high with each left. 2 sets of 10 reps on each leg is recommended for this one.

3. The Clamshell

A fairly simple but effective move! Simple lie on your side with one arm (the one facing up) bent and your palm facing the ground for stability.

Bend the knees and keep your heels pressed together. Lift one leg upward while clenching your glutes and keeping your heels pressed.

You will feel it in your outer glute muscles with each repetition. Perform about 3 sets of 10 for killer results.

4. Butt Lift in Bridge (for an extra challenge: use weights!)

This one is a little funny to do in the gym, but here’s a tip: everyone is paying attention to themselves, and likely not to you. So go for it!

You’re going to want to lie down with your knees up (as pictured) and lift into a bridge. Here you are squeezing the glutes as if you are holding a credit card between your cheeks! Lift up and down repeatedly.

To mix it up: vary it up and add weights. Mix up the pace. Do one rep and them two at a time. Do pulses to add in that extra challenge. Add round weights from the gym (usually used to add to bars) to your pelvis for extra tightening. I usually go for a 10-lb one, but you can range from 2 pounds and up! If you’re at home-use textbooks (we all know you have them lying around somewhere).

Cassey Ho, creator of Blogilates, has a collection of booty toning workouts! Here is one that incorporates most of the moves shown:

Now: these moves are going to help you tone, lift, and tighten your glutes. You won’t look like Jenny from the Block overnight, or maybe even over a few months. It’s important to remember to embrace whatever you have and be confident in your own skin.

Combine these moves into your toning workouts and you’ll be sure to be glowing from the front and the back just in time for spring break!


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