Welcome to Fitness4U!

Here it is: my first official fitness blog. I’m Kayla Jimenez and here to help you stay consistent with fitness during the next few busy college months! I will be specifically focusing on simple ways for college students (you!) to stay healthy, focused, and confident.

It is January after all, and the most popular month for all those who want to adapt healthier habits into their everyday lifestyles.

I learned a lot about fitness, clean eating, proper workout forms, and how to incorporate exercise and healthy habits into a college lifestyle while living on my own (dorm life!) at Stony Brook University from Fall 2013-Spring 2014. I lost the weight I always wanted to lose, found a passion for fitness and Pilates, and learned how to cook CHEAP, CLEAN eats.


In fact, I am an aspiring Pilates instructor because of my passion for it and inspiring others to gain confidence and overall happiness through positive life changes.

College can be stressful, tiring, and overwhelming, but you still want to stay healthy and fit! Most importantly you want to FEEL confident. Stay tuned for easy ways to stay in shape during the “best years of your life.”

Need a break from studying? Hit the weights. Or drop off your bags in the locker room and hit the track!

Need a little bit of energy before your next class? Grab a water bottle and a banana for an extra boost.

Feeling a little droopy from sitting in a classroom all day? Take a yoga class in between that math and chemistry combination on Mondays and Wednesdays.

I’ll be here for all your tips, tricks, and questions about fitness throughout the winter quarter!


With the new years resolution bang of the beginning of 2015 comes a new wave of gym-goers, healthy dieters, and fitness trends.

A few of the most common include:

Wearable Technology for Fitness!

It’s the new thing: why count how many laps you’re running when you have a bracelet with a tracking device that can do it for you?

“A Fitness Tracker for Every Sport,” Alyssa Bereznak

“Tech Gear for Runners,” Jeanine Detz, Fitness Magazine

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

The combination of high intensity reps at different intervals can be fun and effective for those looking for variety, quick results, and a workout with a good combination of cardio and strength training.

“Seriously Effective 10-Minute HIIT Workout,” Anna Renderer, POPSUGAR Fitness

“Official POP HIIIT Series”, Cassey Ho, blogilates.com

Diet and Eating Trends for 2015

The Dash Diet, Paleo, Weight Watchers-the list of “diets” for the new year are endless. While they may be effective for a while, there are side effects to each of them. I’ll be here to debunk what really works and what should stay in 2014.

“Here They Are: The World’s Best Diets in 2015,” Lexi Patronis, Glamour Magazine

“The Dash Diet Ranked Number 1 for 2015,” Megan Friedman, Harper’s Bazaar


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